Remember when you were a child how easy it was to be creative.  When given crayons, pencils or paint you would immediately start to draw or daub with the brush without any hesitation.  And who can forget the joys of finger painting on cheap paper.

Often as we grow older we become more critical of our artistic efforts and it can become harder to create.  By recapturing that childhood sense of play, it is possible to rediscover your latent creativity and give free range to your imagination.

We are two sisters living in Melbourne.  We both graduated from Art College but work at other jobs to make ends meet.  This blog is about our thoughts and attempts at maintaining our creativity while leading busy lives.

We don’t confine ourselves to the making of “Artworks”, but our artistic vision permeates all aspects of our world, from the home and garden to clothing and recreational activities.

To us “The Artist’s Child” is both an individual’s creative spirit and the ideas that result.  If you give care and nourishment to your creativity, like a child, it will flourish and blossom into something that will bring you happiness and fulfilment.

With this blog we hope to inspire others to release and run free with their own “artist’s child”.

Kat and Ellie