12 Reasons Why Dogs Make Us More Creative



  1. Dog’s adventures are an endless source of inspiration
  2. Dogs love to watch you work so you are never lonely
  3. Dogs know how to pose for a portrait so you always have a subject
  4. Dogs never criticize your work
  5. Dogs let you take them for a walk when you have a creative block
  6. Dogs jump on and lick annoying people who interrupt your work
  7. Dogs know when your pencil or brush needs replacing – they eat it
  8. Dogs know when you should finish a drawing – they eat it
  9. Dogs like to taste Still Life subjects so you learn how to work quickly
  10. Dogs show you how to paint with nose and paw – on the floor and on the walls
  11. Dogs show you how to select found objects from the beach, the park, the bedroom, your friends’ handbags …
  12. Dogs make you laugh and are an artist’s best friend